The most inspiring man I know is Serge Benhayon – Presenter, Philosopher, Seer, Healer and Author, founder of Universal Medicine. Through Serge I have come to learn that we affect everything and everyone by how we live – we are either harming or healing, there is no in-between, so life is fully the result of all our choices. Serge’s presentations are always down-to-earth, talking about practical everyday issues that we face in our work, our relationships and our family life. He also talks about religion, something I thought I’d given up on, but the way he explains God makes so much more sense than my Catholic upbringing ever did.

Another big inspiration in my life has been Chris James who says that ‘Everyone is born with a beautiful voice’. Through Chris I have come to rediscover my singing voice, to explore harmonies, and to know that I can sing in tune. As well as all the fun we have singing, Chris’s expression workshops help us to listen and speak without imposing and to let go of the social mask we all wear.

One lady who has inspired me is Shirley-Ann Walters, a physiotherapist working in Surrey. She has helped me on numerous occasions, not only because of her physio knowledge, but also because having studied Esoteric Healing, she is aware of the way  our choices can influence our health.

I have recently experienced some amazing dental work done by Dr Rachel Hall of Evolve Dental Healing in Brisbane, Australia. She is also a writer and is well know world-wide for her many articles about our teeth and our health. She writes about the Gentle Breath Meditation which helps me to stay calm in difficult situations as well as bring me back to my innermost connection.

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