Intelligence is not what we think

All my life I have been proud of my intelligence: my mother celebrated it and it was part of my self worth, knowing I was OK because I was intelligent. But was I brought up on a lie?

What actually is True Intelligence?

In 1983 an American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener described 9 types of intelligence [1]:

  • Naturalist(nature smart)
  • Musical(sound smart)
  • Logical-mathematical(number/reasoning smart)
  • Existential(life smart)
  • Interpersonal(people smart)
  • Bodily-kinesthetic(body smart)
  • Linguistic(word smart)
  • Intra-personal(self smart)
  • Spatial(picture smart)

A lot of people have cashed in on different intelligences, particularly Emotional Intelligence, which is about how we handle our emotions [2], but I am learning now that there is a greater intelligence than the one we use in our brain and that’s the full intelligence of the body [3] – and I don’t mean just being good at sport.

Our body is feeling energy all of the time. Sometimes we are aware of it and sometimes we are not, but what we feel in our bodies helps us to read situations and to understand what is going on in the world around us. We are all born with this sensitivity and ability but many of us shut it down because of reactions from others, for example, if we expressed something from what we felt in our body at a very early age we might have been told ‘nonsense dear, you’re too young to understand’ or adults became angry with us for speaking a truth they didn’t want to hear, so we learned to keep quiet. Many of us learned to conform and adapted to what we thought other people wanted, and that is how schools are run. We are expected to learn according to a curriculum, not according to what we feel inspired to learn.

In my case I don’t have a very good memory. History for me at school was a nightmare as I couldn’t remember dates. Latin was the same, it is a dead language and so I had difficulty remembering the meanings of words. French and German I could do because I had opportunities to practise speaking with French and German people. Maths and Science were great, because they made sense to me and I could work things out, I didn’t have to remember anything. I wasn’t particularly good at sport. Most of us can go through the list above and pick out the ones we think we are good at and the ones we are not. I have good spatial awareness, good logical/mathematical, and good interpersonal skills.

These intelligences are linked to the human brain and thinking and now I am learning that there is a totally different intelligence that comes through our body [4]. It is an intelligence that applies in all walks of life and has more to do with feeling what is going on in our body, connecting deep within and listening to every single message that is there. These messages are amazingly accurate.

Sometimes they are physical, telling me that what I am doing or about to do will be harming to me in some way, and sometimes the messages are like an impulse, saying you need to go to this place, or that place. When I follow the impulse and I go there, without fail there is always someone I need to meet, or something I needed to see. The constellations are definitely not luck or co-incidental.

There is more: when I allow myself to feel what is going on in my body, I find that I can read situations in relationships and have a definite sense of what is going on. As my awareness develops, the ability to read evolves and that helps me to understand and let go of judgement in many different situations I’d previously have found challenging.

What is not so intelligent is that although I know that I need to make sure my body is clear enough to let this natural intelligence through, I tend to eat or engage in distracting activities that dull my sensitivity. It is a work in progress to make different choices and truly nourish this delicate sensing instrument, and I am slowly refining the foods I eat in order to enable that process.

When it comes to speaking one to one and in groups, whereas before I used to think what to say, I am learning to allow the words to come through my body – this is a whole different process, to let go of trying and instead allowing.

Sometimes I feel an impulse to write a blog or a simple post on Facebook. What amazes me is that there is always someone who says ‘great timing’ or ‘I really needed to read this today’. As with going to a place where someone is there whom I need to meet, the words that came through were constellated in answer to a wider question.

This is not about me, this is about humanity, because true intelligence is a skill we all have but don’t use. We are surrounded by intelligence, energy is around us all the time, it pours through us, and we don’t actually have any original thoughts of our own, because all our thoughts are impulsed by whatever energy we have allowed through. Whether those thoughts are healing or harming depends on the energy we align ourselves to.  We have the ability to choose everything that happens in our lives and it is our choices, everyone’s choices that makes us truly intelligent or not.

  2. Mindfulness: A Fascination of Mind Over Body
  3. Serge Benhayon TV Episode 1 Whole Body Intelligence
  4. Serge Benhayon: True Intelligence Comes From Our Body

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