The Lineage – Our True History

If you did geometry in maths at school, the chances are that you have heard of Pythagoras. He understood a lot about numbers and one of his theorems enables us to work out the sides of a right angled triangle: the square on the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares on the other two sides. His mathematical teachings have remained with us since the 5thcentury BCE.

What is perhaps less well known is that he was also a well-respected Philosopher, and what he taught inspired many philosophers still to this day and contributed a great deal to society in general.

As well as being interested in the Cosmos (Universe) Pythagoras presented an ethical way of life that valued men and women as absolute equals. He taught about reincarnation and that our connection to our body is what bridges our connection with the Soul and prepares us for our next life.

Avoid foods forbidden, reflect, that this contributes to cleanliness

And redemption of your soul; This all, Oh, consider;

Let reason, the gift divine, be thy highest guide;

Then should you be separated from the body, and soar in the spiritual aether,        

Then will you be imperishable, a divinity, no longer a human!                            

The Golden Verses 68-711

He taught about relationships and how to be with each other in life, yet history tells us he was simply a mathematician. The focus on just the mathematical aspect of his work is a form of reductionism, a mis-representation of what he actually shared with humanity.

Pythagoras is not alone when it comes to being mis-represented or ignored in history. Throughout time, whilst Humanity has continued to fight wars and dis-respect each other in a multitude of ways, there have always been wise men and women who have lived amongst us and shown us a way of living that was contrary to norms of the day.

They taught that living from the Inner Heart is the most ethical way of being but their message was rarely well received at the time, with torture and or death meted upon anyone who went against the ‘comfortable’ thinking of the day.  Over time, their wisdom has been lost and their words skewed, either through re-interpretation or deification, so that us mere mortals are taught that we are not equal to that same source of wisdom.

These men and women were teachers, bakers, philosophers, famers, known and unknown, make up The Lineage, all living and sharing the Golden Thread of the Ageless Wisdom. Their love of humanity has meant that regardless of risk, this Golden Thread has continued to be on offer throughout time. Wherever one philosophy school has been closed down, another has popped up elsewhere in the world.

What is the Ageless Wisdom that they presented?

It is the absolute knowledge that the truth of who we are can be accessed from within each and every one of us. Most of us are living in a way that so dulls our senses we find it hard to consistently connect to it or feel it at all.

Pythagoras taught it, as did Hermes, Patanjali and Zarathushtra before him but we are not taught about it in school. Buddha, Jeshua and Mohammed also presented the same message and the religions that they have inspired, pay lip service to the love and wisdom they offered.

In short, we have been lied to, either through omission or being taught a selective version of history, deliberately chosen to hide the Truth of who we are and how easily this truth can be accessed by anyone. Many of the religions talk about God but present Him as something separate from us, something we are not worthy of. The Ageless Wisdom teaches that God created souls to be his equal.

We think we are mere mortals, but that is what we have descended to. In reality  we are amazing, powerful beings who are pretending that we are not. We have descended into a creation of our own making and are living in the mess we made.

The evolution of humanity is not about more technology, or going out into Space, our evolution is about going within and reconnecting to that light. As Pythagoras taught, the Ageless Wisdom is accessible through our bodies, it is an endless source of absolute knowing that is available to all of us and has always been available. The more we attune our self to that connection, we can feel how to live, what to eat, how to speak  and how to be in all our relationships.

Our true human History is not the kings and queens that we learned about in school, or the men and women who fought battles to gain geographical areas and dominance over their fellow man. Our True History is The Lineage, the History of the Ageless Wisdom as presented from Hermes, Pythagoras and so many others throughout the centuries right through to our Modern Times, as well as all the deliberate acts designed to suppress it.


  1. The Golden Verses:


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