Esoteric – the Truth Within


Photograph by Carmel Reid

The word Esoteric is often used to mean something mysterious and for some that is a real experience, because the true meaning of the word is ‘Innermost’ and many of us have no concept or awareness of what goes on inside our bodies. We may be aware of our physiology, ie that we have a heart and lungs and a digestive system, but we also have many subtle mechanisms for sensing that go beyond our physical awareness of sound sight touch taste and feel.

We are surrounded by energy, everything is energy, we are energy and our bodies can feel energy flowing in and through us. Witness what happens when someone shouts at us angrily, we naturally recoil. Even though they may not have hit us physically, the impact of the energy, the aggression in the voice let alone the words, feels physical. So we can feel energy, and we can do that all the time. This means that everywhere we go, we are picking up the emotional energy of every single person we meet and, because we are all connected, of everyone on the planet.

Now that sounds pretty massive, feeling everyone on the planet, but it might explain the days when we feel tired for no reason, because we have been picking up energy without being aware of it.

This is where the Esoteric comes in – our ability to be astutely aware of what is passing in and through us, our awareness of what we are feeling within our own bodies, which can be a guide for our choices throughout our day. This is something we can all do, so it’s not really a mystery, it’s a choice.

We tend to measure ourselves by external factors, what’s going on outside of us, what people say, how people look, how they react to us when we speak, and we adapt our behaviours to survive or according to what makes us feel more comfortable, and we protect ourselves from hurt. But that protection builds up physical tension in our bodies that stops us from feeling anything so then we get surprised because we didn’t see it coming.

It may seem weird to know that we can see or feel what’s coming, but it’s not a mysterious talent open to only a few, we all have these amazing abilities to connect within, see and feel, and we have access to an ageless wisdom through our bodies.

We think that our brains and our minds are the wise part of us but in truth is it our body, what we feel inside, our connection within, that gives us access to an intelligence far greater than most of us realise.

The Esoteric can support us in every single aspect of our lives, especially in our relationships and in our expression, because when we truly feel what’s going on, we take nothing personally. We can understand why something is being expressed and the way it is being expressed and know that it is either another person’s expression of hurt, or it is something we ourselves need to learn from. When we are more aware, we can read situations and people in a way that gives us that understanding so we are not devastated by what is going on around us.

This applies to all walks of life and all professions. It is very easy to get sucked into other people’s emotional dramas in a way that is physically draining, but when we can ‘observe and not absorb’ then we are less exhausted, because we have stayed connected to our own body and not let in any energy that is harming.

“Everybody comes from the esoteric, it is in them and of them and it is the same in everybody – everybody has the esoteric on the inside. This is a fact that belongs to the meaning of the word esoteric – the inner-most.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 282

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