Serge Benhayon – An Inspiring Presenter

Serge Benhayon

Throughout our lives we meet people who inspire us; it may be a parent who celebrates us in every way, it may be someone who helps us learn a particular skill, a teacher who encourages us to see life in a way that expands our horizons, or a colleague who supports us with challenges at work.

As well as learning directly from people we meet, we read books, watch TV and movies, and every word we read or hear affects us in different ways, depending on how we feel about the author and the subject.

We talk with friends and they will always share with us the life lessons they have learned, but there is one source of information many of us have forgotten about, and that is our own body.

As children we know everything, can feel everything, and probably talk about everything, but the adults and siblings around us get cross, jealous, or angry and so we learn to shut up, close down and take care only ever to behave how we think Society wants us to behave. Or we rebel and try to be like somebody else. All this is at the expense of our own bodies, which become hard and closed off to our innermost feelings.

In my case I used to read self-help books, went on personal development workshops, attended healing courses and finally trained as a counsellor, having the arrogance to think I could help other people whilst my own life was in a mess. I offered presentations and ran groups to share with others what I’d learned. I was totally in my head and if my body let me feel anything I quickly dulled it back down with excessive eating.

The big change for me came in 2005 when I met Serge Benhayon, Philosopher and Author, who enabled me to see myself and the world in a whole new light.

He talked about life in a way that I’d never considered, but it all made absolute sense as he spoke and it felt like a coming home. He spoke about our responsibility and the fact that everything we do affects everybody on the planet because we are all connected, and that everything that happens to us is the result of our own choices, we are not unlucky victims of life, life is constantly reflecting back to us our choices. He has talked about caring for our bodies and the fact that our bodies can feel everything but we numb them with alcohol, drugs, food, TV, computers and entertainment.

Throughout the last twelve years, I have heard many presentations from Serge Benhayon and sometimes it is hard to assess the difference he has made in our lives, because he touches on all aspects of how we are living and as we embody new ways of being, it is easy to forget how things were. Seeing so many slim, smiling and confident men and women is testimony to some of the changes, but it goes further than that because so many of my friends who have attended Universal Medicine workshops have relationships that are blossoming.

Recently I have been watching episodes of Serge Benhayon TV and there are some great discussions about men and women and about relationships that I have found truly inspiring. Episode 5 in particular talks about the state of play between men and women. Serge Benhayon talks about the natural tenderness of men and how their upbringing makes them hard. It is so easy for us women to make out the men are the bad boys but we are just as responsible for what is happening in our society.

In Episode 8 They talk about domestic violence in which Serge Benhayon explains that abuse can take many forms, because how we speak to each other can be abusive, and not honouring or adoring each other can be abusive.

I am in a new relationship myself and developing an appreciation of just how joyful true love can be when we bring ourselves in full and do not pretend to be anything other than who we truly are.

A big Thank You to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the inspiration and the wisdom that he has shared from his own life experiences that has inspired so many of us in many countries around the world.

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