Clairsentience, Decisions and Choices

How we can use our sixth sense 

We have many ways of making decisions in life, some people can make a snap decision, with an instant knowing and others like to deliberate and ponder before they make any kind of choice.

We make decisions or choices all day long, from choosing what time to get up, how well to brush our teeth and what to have for breakfast, to the bigger life changing decisions such as who to marry, what job to go for or where to live.

On what factors do we base our decisions and choices? Some are based on external factors and we may feel that we have no choice, such as having to get up at six to go to work. Others will be based on our thoughts, our ideals, and our beliefs about the world and how we should be in it, for example in choosing what to wear to look right for an occasion.

For some people the decision they make will be based entirely on what they feel, and that is where Clairsentience comes in.

Some people call it a Gut Feeling or intuition, but true Clairsentience is more than that. Described in Unimed Living’s Unimedpedia as the ability to clearly feel energy, Clairsentience is a whole body experience that is over and above our five physical senses.

We humans are incredibly sensitive, we feel a lot, all day, although we often do things to dull that awareness, such as overeat or distract ourselves with TV and Social Media. When we are open to feeling what is going on, we have an added sense, the 6th Sense, that enables us to make decisions that are true.

For example, in choosing what clothes to wear, with greater awareness we can choose not only what colour or style suits our expression for the day, we may choose to wear the exact colour that our colleagues need to see that day in order to evolve. In other words, Clairsentience gives us the bigger picture.

In the work environment employees often complain about decisions that management have made. There may be a general feeling that corporate decisions are made based on greed, the need for higher profit, reducing costs, and the employees’ needs are not being fully considered. In other words, those making the decisions are not feeling the bigger picture, not using Clairsentience in their decision-making. If they were, then everyone’s needs would be felt and considered, not just the shareholders.

Companies sometimes make products that we do not actually need but with clever marketing we think we do and buy them anyway. This can be food and drink that is not healthy, toys, gadgets, all manner of things. What if a company decided what products to make based on what humanity needs rather than what sells?

Outside of the corporate world, what if politicians made decisions based on what their country needed rather than what gets them votes?

If we were all using our Clairsentience we cannot but make great decisions, because our feeling would naturally be all encompassing, i.e. taking everybody into account. Many of us make decisions based on our personal needs and desires, but when we allow ourselves to truly feel, we can feel all of humanity, and everything we choose is based on benefit to all.

Further Reading: Unimed Living’s Unimedpedia has an article on Clairsentience that contains quotes and audio snippets from modern day philosopher Serge Benhayon

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