True Family

We may think our family are the people we are related to by blood, but it is wider than that, True Family is All of Us. True family includes everyone upon this planet, without exception. That may seem a bit of a sweeping statement although in our deepest heart we know it to be true, … More True Family

I’m Cool With God

Many people feel lost when it comes to talking about God. Some say categorically that He does or does not exist, others claim to be ‘Agnostic’ (Not knowing). What I can say about God is that I’m no longer ‘sitting on the fence’, an English expression which meant I wasn’t sure which side I was … More I’m Cool With God


Old Attitudes Prevail ‘Men!’ That one word preceded by a deep sigh would sum up one elderly lady’s whole attitude towards the opposite sex. She was brought up in the old school where after the war (World War II) as a woman you married your soldier who became the provider and you spent the rest … More Men!