We can all evolve when it comes to expression; how often do we hold back thinking that what we have to say is not important, or we want to avoid a reaction from the people around us?

We are expressing all the time, even when we are saying nothing, because our bodies never lie and our movements tell people a lot. Misunderstandings usually happen when people say one thing but their bodies say something different. We are all masters of reading body language so no-one can hide from anybody, really.

Clear and confident communication takes place when we are speaking and moving with Absolute Truth. This might mean taking time to establish what we are really feeling and what we truly wish to express and then going for it. It is usually our thinking that gets in the way with self-judging thoughts or our memories of previous encounters.

That’s where coaching comes in: we can explore for ourselves what is getting in the way of our true expression, and it always helps to have another person gently reflecting back to us confirming who we are and that what we have to say is of value.

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